DISRUPTIVE innovation
    with C-K
    and creative thinking


    Helping organizations to steer and deliver radical innovation





    At the end of the day, you achieve transformation by generating and embedding the solutions of tomorrow,
    while in parallel improving and sustaining your core business

    If you want to achieve performance...

    ...You need to catch up

    You have to improve your products and services, and the ways you deliver them to clients and users. To achieve this you can count on solutions from your sector as well as your existing knowledge and capabilities. This is incremental innovation, to make your operations optimal
    and sustainable.

    If you want to achieve transformation...

    ...You need to invent and implement radically new concepts

    You have to embed new solutions that might be mislaligned with your core business in a first instance; and to achieve such breakthroughs, you have to acquire new knowledge and new capabilities. This is radical innovation. This way you will create the future products, services, processes and organisations of your sector.

  • helping organizations to achieve radical innovation

    Our approach: proven methodologies from the academic world



    Steering and delivering radical innovation, by bringing onboard the whole organisation towards new exploration areas (Concepts), and new learning and testing (Knowledge)

    Based on the C-K theory developed by the general engineering school Mines ParisTech

    Creative Thinking

    Creative Problem Solving (CPS)

    Reinforcing teams’ alignment, solutions and engagement, by using creative thinking techniques to generate common objectives, new ideas, and action plans
    Creative Problem Solving (CPS) framework developed by the Buffalo State University


    In the last 10 years,
    C-K has been applied successfully
    in many companies and sectors



    We believe every organisation can achieve POSITIVE PERFORMANCE,

    which means maximising its revenue & profit,
    & the well-being of people who work there,

    in the short & long term


    Our conviction is radical innovation enables POSITIVE PERFORMANCE


    Because in this journey of transforming your offerings to the market as well as your processes and organisations to deliver them - through innovative ways of working - people combine productivity and self-satisfaction, and clients can enjoy products and services that make their life radically better


    People with experience from within companies and applying proven innovation approaches from the academic world

    Vincent Gergele

    Innovation Accelerator

    Innovation has always been essential for Vincent, whether in R&D within Schlumberger in his early career or during strategy & management consulting engagements at Accenture. Vincent is passionate about approaches that foster radical innovation like the Creative Problem Solving and C-K frameworks. For several years now, Vincent has helped companies like Technip, Total and Suez to diagnose, plan, accelerate, and sustain their innovation initiatives. In parallel, Vincent has mentored startups, taught at Universities, and given conferences on innovation and creative thinking.


    For Vincent,
    “Innovation achieves efficiency
    and well-being”

    Jean Pascal Derumier

    Innovation Accelerator

    Specialist in innovation management with a strong background in human sciences, Jean Pascal is one of the most recognized experts in the C-K theory and its application. Jean Pascal has been involved in innovation for more than 10 years. While at SNCF, Jean Pascal led several projects in participative innovation, innovation strategy, training, and organisation. Jean Pascal has practiced many innovation methods, especially those that help to identify and deliver disruptive innovations. Jean Pascal is the author of three books: Managing by innovation (2011), Disruptive innovation (2015), and Disruptive innovation methods (2015).


    For Jean Pascal,

    “Innovation is a learning process”

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